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>>>Sombras blancas - Juan Maria Solare

Genre: Klaviermusik
VÖ: November 2017

Musik: Juan Maria Solare

Sombras blancas (White Shadows) is the tenth studio album by Argentine composer & pianist Juan María Solare. Projected release date: 19th November 2017 on the Janus Music & Sound record label.
Genres & Styles: Classical, Neo-Classical, Contemporary Instrumental, Solo Instrumental

Recorded on the Bösendorfer grand piano of the Theatersaal of the Universität Bremen (Germany) from 6th to 9th October 2016.

Pianist: Juan María Solare
Recording Engineer: Juan María Solare
Mastering: Finn Halle (

Deezy Freeman feat. Rayven Justice

>>>Jocki J. - Forever Ardent

Genre: Rock, altenative Rock

produced by Jocki J. for Odem Studio private edition

Jocki J. - Forever Ardent

Jocki J.

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