>>>Fivepeace - am I right ...

Genre: Bluesrock
VÖ: 17. Dezember 2011


Endabmischung mit analoger Summierung und Sounddesign im Dubcity Studio Atlantiz, Analog- und Digitalmastering im Dubcity Studio B

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… made on a homerun over the last decade. Ready to take off playing in the name of love and mother nature.

The wonderful musicians met on a late night studioparty in Nothern Germany. They give their hands to let it happen in the beginning of the following year. Thank you very much, folks!

Detlef Blanke on bass in track 1, 3, 5, 7
Andy Lindner on drums in track 1, 3, 5
Rudi Schmücker on the organ in my blues
Fivepeace on all guitars & vocals
and programming track 2 (with FinnDrums)
4, 6 & 7 programmed & recorded in several places like
Mama ́s Kitchen: am I right & pick it up
Hagen Allstars Proberaum: prisoner guitars
Nina ́s appartment: my blues vocals
Dubcity Sound Design: no sex, angel & all vocals
(exept track 3+4)
Andree Klose at the Hörwerk Tonstudio, Bookholzberg: basic tracks of love rhyme, my blues & prisoner on analog tape maschines + loud guitars

Mixed & edited by Kai Harm Fiefstück in da Homebooth Studio, Bremen
Final Mixdown and analog summing by Finn Halle at Studio Atlantiz, Neuenkirchen
Mastering by Finn Halle at Dubcity Sound Design, Bremen
Photography by Anne Hoffmann
Additional video art clip by Robárt Shakes, Bremen

All Songs written & arranged by ©2012 Fivepeace
except for angel: words by Ana P.

produced by Dubcity & Fivepeace

Dubcity Referenzen ::: Fivepeace